WTF Bikexplorer Grassroots Ride Sign-Up
The Grassroots Ride Series is a movement toward creating a stronger, more connected WTF Bikexploring community. We are seeking ride leaders to organize multi-day self-supported adventure rides in their local communities during 2019 and to register those rides with us. Your ride will be shared on the Bikexplorers map and routes listing on our website.

Our mission is to connect like minded folks who otherwise may never meet with the common mission to #shredthepatriarchy.

Registration Deadline

The window to register rides for the duration of 2019 is from April 1st through May 31st.

Ride Leaders

What qualities are we looking for in ride leaders who register rides?

You agree to the following Guiding Principles
You wish to support, celebrate, and connect the WTF Bikexplorers in your community.
You are a WTF Bikexplorer
You have a desire and time to organize, plan, and lead a multi-day ride with fellow WTF Bikexplorers that is safe and fun.
You have some experience taking people on rides.
You have a plan for a ride and can submit a route via Ride with GPS.
You are willing to participate as a resource for individuals within your community.
You have a website/blog/facebook page where you can host details for your ride.
You are willing to document your ride experience and use the hashtags #shredthepatriarchy, #wtfbikexplorers, etc.

Must Know

These rides are designed to connect people on a grassroots level. They are free to participate in and 100% self-supported. Ride leaders and organizers of WTF Bikexplorers are not liable for any injury that may occur on the ride. If you choose to attend one of these rides or to become a ride leader you are waiving any legal liability to WTF Bikexplorers.

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