NatCap Activity Request Form
All CAP sanctioned activities outside a regular unit meeting time and location must be approved by Civil Air Patrol's National Capital Wing Headquarters. Squadron activities may not be approved if they conflict with wing-level events. The exception to this are individually scheduled o-flights.

Use this form to request approval for unit events and activities, which is considered approved once it appears on the Wing Activities Calendar. The OIC indicated on the form will receive an invite to the event to confirm approval. All squadron commanders and select wing staff have access to edit events posted to the calendar so timely updates can be made.
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Email *
Title of Event *
Please give a descriptive title, which will be used for the calendar headline.
When *
Enter the date as DD MMM YY (24 Apr 17 or 24-26 Apr 17).
Start & End Time *
Enter times in 24-hour format (0800-1930). If an all-day event or unknown, state that here.
Where *
Enter a location name or address that can be found on Google Maps.
Activity/Event Details *
This will be publicly displayed on the Wing Activities Calendar. Explain what the activity/event is and who can attend. Keep your details short and concise. Any member should be able to determine if they should signup. If the activity/event is still being planned, then explain that more details will be posted. If this is a "save the date" entry, then note that as well.
Authorized Uniforms *
Please enter the uniform of the day. (May Check More Than One)
Sign-Up Details *
Please enter how and where members may sign-up for this event (specific webpage, email, at unit meeting, link to Google Form, etc.). The easiest way to collect information is by creating a Google Form and including the link here. For help creating a Google Form, go to
Overnight Stay *
Will this activity require members to stay overnight as a group?
High Adventure Activities *
HAAs include rappelling, obstacle courses, low-ropes courses, water survival courses, and similar endeavors. Short day hikes, compass courses, and bivouacs are routine aspects of cadet life and therefore are not considered HAAs. Unit commanders and activity directors will submit CAPF 54, Civil Patrol High Adventure Activity Request, to the wing commander for approval. Also, the unit commander or activity director will use the CAPF 54 to inform the wing commander on the safety precautions that will be in place. HAAs will be conducted only with the wing commander’s approval using CAPF 54. Cadets must obtain written permission from their parent or legal guardian via a completed CAPF 31, Application for CAP Encampment or Special Activity, to participate in HAAs.
Per CAPR 77-1: Use of POVs for transportation to and from CAP meetings, encampments and other activities is solely at the risk of the individual CAP members and their passengers. CAP assumes no right of control, liability or responsibility for such transportation. Unit commanders must approve, in writing, justification for use of a POV as official CAP transportation, when adequate COVs are not available for such purposes. Approval is limited to unusual circumstances where lack of transportation or capability for CAP members adversely impacts important activities. Prior to granting such permission, the member must produce evidence of insurance coverage, state inspection (if required) and registration. Written approval for use of a POV will be maintained on file in accordance with CAPR 10-2, Files Maintenance and Records Disposition.
CAP Vehicle Use (COV) *
If your unit has more than one COV, please specify the vehicle number in the event description. For use of a wing COV, please specify estimated number of passengers in the event description. To request an additional vehicle or change the COV assignment, please email
Who is the responsible CAP officer for this activity/event?
OIC Name and Grade *
Please enter OIC rank with first and last name (Capt Joe Pilot).
OIC Email *
Enter the official CAP email address of the OIC.
Responsible Unit *
Please enter the CAP unit managing the activity/event.
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