2022 Burnham Library Community Needs Survey
The Burnham Library is in the process of developing a strategic plan aiming at providing the very best services to our community.  A critical component of the process is gathering information and ideas from community members to establish priorities and create a focused direction for the library.  All survey answers are confidential and will be kept completely separate from any identifying information.
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Do you have a current Burnham Library card?
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Are you a resident of Bridgewater?
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How often do you visit the Burnham Library?
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Overall, how satisfied are you with the services of Bridgewater Library?
Not satisfied
Extremely satisfied
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Do you view the Burnham Library as a place to go for reliable information?
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If you do not use the Burnham Library, why not?  Check all that apply.
Since our last survey in 2017, we have implemented several service changes and new collections.  Please rate the level of importance you assign to each of the recent changes listed below.
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Not important at all
Slightly important
Moderately important
Very Important
Expanded Hours: 32 per week
Consistent hours of operation
Curbside pick-up/Outdoor lockboxes for after hour picku-up
Outdoor book drop open 24/7
Increased adult programming
Developed outreach and collaboration with town organizations
Introduced technology classes, workshops, and programs
Provided one-on-one Tech Tutoring
Created the Digital Branch which provides ebooks, eaudio, and other streaming content
Introduced lending technology (iPads, Chromecasts, mobile hotspots, 3D Printer, Kindle
Installed public Wifi
Updated Burnham Library website
Completed space assessment which resulted in the Susan Beris, MD Youth Learning Center, Community Commons, upgraded technology infrastructure, and updated adult library.
Implemented new library collections such as puzzles, games, and Library of Things
How do you usually find out about library services and events?  Check all that apply
The Burnham Library has put together a Strategic Planning Committee to prioritize what the library should focus on in the next three years in addition to our core services.  Choose up to FIVE.
Of the following services, which would you most like to see at the Burnham Library?  Choose up to FIVE
What is your age?
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Which accurately describes you?  Check all that apply.
What are the ages of the children living in your household?  Check all that apply.
In your opinion/experience, where does Burnham Library excel?
In your opinion/experience, where does Burnham Library need improvement?
Did you know that Burnham Library is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that receives 33% of our operating budget from an endowment, donations, and gifts?
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Do you participate in the Burnham Library Annual Appeal?
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