FMF Campout RSVP
Friday, May 14th (rescheduled from Friday, May 7th)

Who: Any current FMF rider that meets at least ONE of the following requirements: (1) owns a horse at FMF, (2) full leases or half-leases a horse at FMF, or (3) is enrolled in 2+ lessons per week at FMF (both currently and up through the Campout date).

Set-up: Campers may begin setting up after 6:00pm on Friday, May 14th. Campers must be cleared out by 9:00am on Saturday, May 15th. We will close the XC field Friday evening, so no horses will be hacking around while people are trying to arrive/set up.

Location: Campers will set up on the left side of the driveway (where parking is located for our April Horse Trials). If the grass is too high: the left side of the driveway headed from the Chateau to the manure pile is all mowed and can be used for camping.

Fire pits: FMF will provide fire pits, which will be located by the Chateau. Other fire pits are not permitted.

Movie: We will probably screen Hope's Legacy in the Big Outdoor, but specifics are still to-be-finalized!

Masks: Everyone must wear masks, in accordance with current FMF policy.

Chaperones: All riders must be accompanied by THEIR legal guardian.

Food/Drink: Because of COVID, we encourage people to bring their own snacks/food/s'mores supplies.

Volunteers: We will do a volunteer sign up for donation items (games, glow sticks, etc., if people wish to do that) as well as clean-up crew after the event (so the fields are trash/clutter free!!).

Attendance: We will not allow more than the current CDC-recommended amount of people.
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