ZotFunder Application
ZotFunder is a crowdfunding application open to Faculty, Staff, and Student Groups with a Faculty/Staff adviser and unit Finance Lead. If you meet this requirement and are interested in crowdfunding we are excited to help you get started! As a way to learn a little bit more about crowdfunding please take a look at the document at this link: https://goo.gl/jMl4EX

Before you get started on the application please email us so that we can give you a little bit more information about crowdfunding and help you out with the application. Send us an email with an introduction of yourself, your team, and your project and we’ll get back to you shortly: sabertra@uci.edu.

If you’ve already spoken with us, please fill out the application below.
First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
Team Name
What is your role in your group/unit/department?
How many people are in your team?
What is your group's affiliation to UCI?
What is the name of the UCI staff finance contact in the School or Unit with which this campaign would be affiliated? Most campaigns require collaboration with the fund manager.
Finance Contact Email
Finance Contact Phone Number
With which School, Unit, or Department is this finance contact affiliated?
If you have a UCI Foundation fund number, please enter it here. Please note that ZotFunder can only be used to fundraise for existing UCI funds or new funds that have already been approved by Gift Administration. If you are unsure of the fund number, please leave this field blank and we will assist you in identifying a fund.
If you are a student group, please provide your advisor's full name and fill out the remaining advisor fields.
Advisor's Email
Advisor's Phone Number
With which School, Unit, or Department is your advisor affiliated?
Please consider the following with regard to your project start and end dates:

Once ZotFunder campaign content is completely built out by the project leader, it must go through an approval process before the project can go live. This approval process takes 5 business days.

It takes approximately a month after the conclusion of a ZotFunder campaign for the funds to be released.
Project Title
Project Description (What are you seeking to fund?)
How much money are you seeking to raise?
When would you like the ZotFunder campaign to go live?
How long would you like the project to run?
Clear selection
When is the money needed by? (Please note it takes approximately one month to gain access to funds after a campaign has concluded.)
Have you emailed Sydney Bertram, Director of Annual Giving, to notify her that you are submitting an application?
Clear selection
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