Maple Grove Application Form
This form must be filled out prior to program admission. Families and caregivers will be contacted at least one month prior to the beginning of the school year with information on status of enrollment. Families seeing to enroll five days a week will be given priority.
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Child and caregiver names: *
Child's Birth Order and Family Dynamics
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Please tell us a little about your child (temperament, outdoor experiences, likes and dislikes) *
Every family has unique skills, gifts and qualities to add to the school experience. Please let us know what you would be willing to share, if any, to enhance our experience. *
Explain other forms of learning your child has participated in and their learning style. *
What draws you to the Outdoor Learning Model? *
Is there anything else you would like to share about your child to help us better meet their needs? *
We offer three options for school, please check the one most appropriate for your needs. Please note, as a recorded program we may not offer before or after care.
What is the best time of day and number to reach you about your child's enrollment status.
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