Order Project R Tote Bag and Luggage Tag 訂購自由之籽帆布袋及行李牌
TADC is pleased to have distributed 160 tote bags and luggage tags in Toronto for Project R to support Hong Kong frontline protesters. Please provide email to continue ordering the few remaining items from TADC.

Project R is now taking order directly to ship globally. You can alternatively order at web site https://igg.me/at/ProjectR2

You are encouraged to visit Project R Facebook page @ProjectRforHKY to learn about these fund-raising items and about Project R's far-reaching vision beyond providing immediate support.

For information on TADC, visit our web site https://www.TADC.ca or Facebook page @TADCToronto

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自由之籽帆布袋及掛牌 Tote Bag and Luggage Tag
Please pass along our legacy before the truths are buried; only we can do that…..
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