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The intent of Unit Souzou's Constant State of Otherness Project is to incorporate the lens of personal experience to reveal the universality of otherness, and deconstruct our increasingly siloed communities. We hope that by building bridges and frameworks of empathy, we will encourage open and deep connections across diverse perspectives.

Isolation, distancing, loneliness, displacement, belonging.
These are all themes and concepts deeply embedded in our creative work to devise our new theatrical show, Constant State of Otherness. We want to hear how these words are affecting you, especially now in the context of social distancing and self-isolation.
What are you experiencing?
- During this time of necessary social distancing, how has otherness impacted you?
- What feelings are you experiencing: isolation, fear, loss of identity?
- How are you finding ways to respond or to heal, to be resilient and to connect?
- How do you see individuals, our communities, society, or the earth responding to these?

We thank you so much for your time, effort and courage to share your story with us! We acknowledge that this can be an intimate and vulnerable experience and want to hold your story and experience with the utmost integrity.

These are the shared agreements and values that we hold in our process:
- The story you share is your story.
- You can share your story under your full name, first name, anonymously or under a pseudonym.
- All mediums are welcome to express your story - word, movement, sound, visual art, poetry, drawing, collage, film, ceramic, any other creative expression.  
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If your story is in text form, please input directly into the question below.
If your story is in another format, feel free to share a link to a video, picture, etc in the space below. You are also welcome to send a file directly to Unit Souzou <unitsouzou@gmail.com>.
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Story-Sharing Source: Was this story created, devised, composed by you? *
If you didn't create your source material, we would love to know your references (author, composer, artist). Even if you don't remember the exact name of a person, feel free to share whatever information you know. Thank you!  
What happens next?
Our hope is to amplify your story!
Stories will be accepted on a rolling-basis, but you are encouraged to submit by Friday, May 8th for the possibility to be included in Unit Souzou’s May 16th Dance Place Virtual Presentation.  We also plan to create artistic vignette through taiko (or movement) inspired by an Otherness story submission. It will then be shared on Unit Souzou's Instagram/Facebook platform. For the future, your story could be shared on Unit Souzou's newsletter, future virtual programming or even be included in the debut staged work of Constant State of Otherness (performance dates tbd).
We want to make sure that you feel comfortable and confident in how your story is represented. BEFORE we publish anything publicly, we will send a copy of our material to you. Thank you for your email, so that we have access to contact you in the future. Additionally feel free to write down any special notes that we need to be aware of.

By submitting your story, we assume your consent to reference your story for Unit Souzou's use. Thank you so much!!
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