News, Letters, & Rumors Submissions
Please be sure you have read through the News, Letters, & Rumors submission options before submitting.
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FOR OWL POST: Please include the name of the character it will be sent to. /// FOR NEWS ARTICLES: Please include the publication that you are submitting for. /// FOR RUMORS: Please put n/a or rumor.
If there is a specific date that should be included on your OWL, please include it here. Otherwise it will be given no particular date. News Articles will always be dated for the most recent publication.
Submission Content *
Please try to limit your submission to no more than 300 words, to allow room for other publications. Please include ALL BBCODE as you would like it to be formatted including letter stationary (such as [howler], [parchment], etc.), and all relevant information such as publication title, name of owl sender, etc. Submissions without the appropriate information may be edited by the staff for consistency.
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