Sustain Dane's Live Forward Award - 2018 Nomination
Sustain Dane's Live Forward Award (formerly Badger Bioneer) celebrates local changemakers who are actively creating a more sustainable future in Dane County and beyond. This award is an exciting opportunity to elevate the sustainability innovation and achievement happening in our own neighborhoods. This year, Sustain Dane is specifically highlighting the many contributions of young leaders to our sustainability movement!

Awardees will be chosen by a Selection Committee comprised of 30+ local leaders from across our community. Neighbors, professionals, activists and students will gather together at the Sustain Dane Summit on Friday, November 2 to celebrate and honor the 2018 awardees. All nominees will also be recognized at the Summit.

Please nominate an individual, group or team who…
- Is actively working to transform Dane County into a healthy, thriving place for everyone.
- Is creating a strong community, just economy, and/ healthy planet. The strongest applicants will hit on at least 2 of these sustainability themes.
- Is under 30 years old , or groups/teams that are led by and/or majority individual(s) under 30.

- Assume the Selection Committee doesn't know your nominee(s) or their work.
- Rather than listing many groups or affiliations that the nominee is involved with, share specific examples of the impact of a project. Let us know how this individual or group makes a difference.
- Consider including quotes from other people who have worked with the nominee(s) that can summarize the impact of their work.
- Include additional information like news articles, videos, or websites

Nominations are due Monday, June 18. If you’re thinking about nominating someone who works with youth, perhaps consider nominating the young people they work with! Thank you.

If you have any questions about your nomination, reach out to Lucy at Sustain Dane at or 608.819.0689

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