In collaboration with Cisco BeLux and Axians, BiASC offers Webex Teams & Meetings Instructor Accounts for Cisco Academies. Many instructors will receive a free Webex Instructor Account depending on the situation.

Cat A Cisco Academies ==> 6 accounts
Cat B Cisco Academies ==> 4 accounts
Cat C Cisco Academies ==> 2 accounts
Other Cisco Academies ==> 1 account
Cisco ITQ Instructor Trainers & BiASC Workshop Trainers ==> 1 account

The value of every annual individual instructor account is 150 euros. The Cisco Academy price for extra instructor accounts is 30 euros per year. For students all access is free.

In May 2020 we will evaluate Webex together with the project partners. BiASC is not liable for services for which it is not responsible.

Please complete the online registration form if you wish to start using Webex with your Cisco Academy.

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