Toronto Ultimate Club Volunteer of the Month Nomination Form
TUC has been recognizing the club’s volunteers dating back to 2007. We have recognized our junior and development program coaches, event volunteers, league coordinators, and board members.

Volunteers are the backbone of our community, and we are pleased to invite you, our membership, to join TUC leadership in recognizing volunteers from across our community who are dedicated to our club, and the sport of Ultimate.

We will be accepting nominations on a monthly basis from the first Monday of the month, to the second last Friday of the month, for volunteerism for the previous month. Toronto Ultimate Club's leadership will review the nominations received and will announce the Volunteer of the Month for the previous month on the last Friday of the current month.
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Describe this volunteer and why they are being nominated for the Volunteer of the Month. Include in your description how they have contributed to the club, and and how long they have been contributing to the club and the Ultimate community. *
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Ex. Your Team Captain, your coach, your child's/children's coach, event volunteer, etc.
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Photo Submittal
Photo image(s) of the nominee is required to complete the nomination.

After completing this form, please submit photo image(s) of the nominee to

Photos must be .jpg, .jpeg. or .png file(s) under 1MB.

All photos submitted must have release permitted from both the volunteer in the photo and the photographer. Please provide photo credit as appropriate.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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