Environmental Education Assistant - Returning
If you are a 15-17 year old who wants to volunteer again as an environmental education assistant with Maine Audubon, welcome back! This program will help you develop your leadership skills further while having lots of fun learning about nature. You will receive a Camp t-shirt and a summary of your hours and activities while attending a full session of summer camp.

For more information please contact:
Karen Arno
Camp Director

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Program Choices: We expect participants to dedicate two weeks (do not have to be consecutive) to summer camp understanding that there may be other commitments during the summer. Please choose your top choices below
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June 18-22: Naturalists in Training (3-5 year olds; 9am-1pm)
June 25-29: Habitat Heroes (4-5 year olds; 9am-3pm)
June 25-29: Animals Great and Small (6-11 year olds; 9am-3pm)
July 9-13: Animal Opposites (3-5 year olds; 9am-1pm)
July 9-13: Aquatic Adventures (6-11 year olds; 9am-3pm)
July 16-20: Water Wonders (4-5 year olds; 9am-3pm)
July 16-20: Emerging Ornithologists (6-11 year olds; 9am-3pm)
July 23-27: Animal Families (3-5 year olds; 9am-1pm)
July 23-27: "Bringing Nature Home" (6-11 year olds; 9am-3pm)
August 6-10: On the Wing (4-5 year olds; 9am-3pm)
August 6-10: Nocturnal Navigation (6-11 year olds; 9am-3pm)
August 13-17: Terrific Trees (3-5 year olds; 9am-1pm)
August 13-17: Secrets of the Forest (6-11 year olds; 9am-3pm)
August 20-24: Earth Art (4-5 year olds; 9am-3pm)
August 20-24: Wildlife on the Move (6-11 year olds; 9am-3pm)
Notes about your dates/themes to consider when scheduling:
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