AnimusMC Bug Report
If you have found a bug or a issue on the server you can report it here and we will fix it as soon as possible.
Reports can include things such as; problems with the build at spawn (blocks missing or random floating blocks), commands that you have access to but do not work, or any other issues you have found.
What is your Minecraft username? *
What is your Discord username and #?
What is the issue or bug you found? *
(For example "Chest lock not working.")
How did you find the issue or bug? Please describe in chronological order what you did. *
(For example "I was placing a sign on a chest to claim it, I right clicked the chest but nothing happened.")
If you can please upload screenshots as evidence of the issue here. Use Imgur or another image hosting site to post any screenshots. This will help us resolve the issue faster.
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