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This form should help us understand your position on the HR learning curve, internal resources and abilities we can use to create HR growth synergies. Please answer in succinct manner. Ideally this form should be filled by the CEO or a designated person responsible for HR. If you have a CPO or similar position that is not part of the co-founding team, please fill it together with a co-founder who has been involved since the inception of the company as it is important to have all the relevant information. Thank you for your time!
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11. Do you have any HR policies or procedures?
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13. What tools are you using for keeping track (history) of employee's performance on tasks execution (completion, delays...), and also issuing warnings when tasks get delayed?
14. Does the company provides opportunity for improvement & growth?
15. If yes, what type of opportunity/growth?
16. Do you intend to either hire more people or shrink your workforce this year?
17. Do you have a recruitment process that includes designing the job prior to advertising openings and training hiring managers on the process?
18. Do you have an updated employee handbook compliant with federal and state rules for the areas where your company operates?
19. What HR programs are you interested in?
20. Any comments/ suggestions?
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