Elysion | Keyboard Building Services Order Form
I am based in Europe but will ship internationally.
If I do not have your case color or switch type in stock, contact me and I'll order for more variety.

What I can make for you are Order-Made Custom Keyboards, my services include:

ー Solder (SMD as well)
ー Desolder
ー Clip/lube stabilizers (205g0 by default, or your preferred lube)
ー Lube switches w/ full builds only. (205g0 for tactiles, rest is to your preference.)
ー Assembly/disassembly
ー Other stuff (Noise isolating foam, switch mods, cables etc.), feel free to ask

I will work on anything.

I've been building and tinkering with DIY stuff for years already, whether it be for friends or myself.
I tend not to stream as I like to put the most care into each build, similar to games I cannot get distracted.

Price is for a standard keyboard build (presoldered PCB) and includes:

ー PCB testing
ー Clipping/lubing of stabilizers
ー Soldering/lubing of switches free of charge
ー Case assembly (Noise Isolated w/ Foam)
ー Testing for chattering/defective switches

Desoldering is as corresponding: €12/16/20/24
Contact me

Discord: Elysion#9999
E-mail: ElfenKGG@gmail.com

I'll be happy to answer any questions or inform you in any way.
Terms of Service
ー 14 Day Return Policy
ー No refunds unless authorized (miss-orders, rent is due etc)
ー If you would like to inquire more information feel free to email me or DM me over discord.
Do you require a keyboard kit, are you providing the keyboard kit or do you need any other services?
Pricing depends on case choice, layouts and other variables such as shipping costs.
Catalog/Previews: https://imgur.com/a/kJAYkEI
Keyboard Kit Choices & Services *
Case Color
Your answer
Switch Type (Price depends on Build Keycount) *
Please do specify whether you wish for Screw-in or Plate-Mount stabs.
Switch Lubing(Free if Full-Build, otherwise 0.5€/ea) *
Do you require a cable?
Order-Made are made by @Summitcables, will require specifics for your exact order.
Silencing optionals/Auxiliaries
Do you want O-Rings? (2.0mm 50~56 shore)+5€
Do you want Noise-Isolating Foam? (Cut using X-Acto Knives, used to cushion bottoming-out noises)+5€
Do you want Custom 24K Gold-Plated SPRiT Springs? +10€
Please refer to https://www.spritdesigns.com/mx for choices and input it in Instructions. This WILL change your switches' feeling and actuation force.
Do you want RGB or Colored LEDs? (Free if Full-Build, otherwise 0.25€/ea)
Specify the colors wanted in "Other..." if you wish for specific LEDs and not full RGB.
If you require any, I can also order a keycap set for your build.
If "other", please specify which keyset you'd like to have ordered.
Would you like to add keycaps? *
If yes, select one type:
Please research what your board's PCB possible layouts are and answer appropriately.
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Which shipping option would you like to opt for? *
Paypal Email (I use this to invoice you)
Please make sure the address is accurate in your paypal settings as I will be shipping your build to the address that's linked to it.**
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Additional Questions / Instructions
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