Private Vehicle Transportation Release
There may be times when teachers opt to use parent drivers instead of or along with buses; all Renaissance students must have this Transportation Release signed to assure participation in events, including but not limited to Field Work, Service Learning, and Voyages.

Consent and Release for student participation when utilizing non District transportation, including parent drivers.
Renaissance ensures all drivers have completed the Volunteer Agreement and Authorization to Drive form (insuring district mandated auto insurance limits, seat belts for each passenger, valid driver's license, and District approval).

For 2021-2022 School Year
(District form Updated 2/2013)
Transportation Awareness - Consent and Release
The Douglas County School District (the “District”) provides District transportation for students to and from a great many activities, events, matches and games. However, the District is unable to provide District transportation in all circumstances and to all events. When District transportation is not available, it is the student’s parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to provide or arrange for their student’s transportation to and from the event.

When District transportation is not available and other alternative forms of transportation are utilized, the District cannot and does not assume any responsibility for the safety, training of drivers, condition of vehicles, adequacy for the use or purpose intended or any other matters related to any non-District transportation.

Therefore, we, the undersigned parent/guardian, hereby acknowledge, agree and understand that the District does not insure, endorse, approve or sponsor any form of non-District transportation, whether by parents, students or otherwise, to and from District off-campus activities or events. We further acknowledge it is our responsibility to provide or arrange for our/my child’s transportation to District events when District transportation is not available. As such we consent to our child’s use of alternative means of transportation, including private vehicles, to off-campus events. We hereby waive, release, discharge and agree to hold harmless and indemnify the District, its agents, employees, insurers and Board of
Education, from any claim, cause of action, damage, injury, or demand of any nature, including bodily injury, property damage or death, arising from or sustained during or as a result of my/our child’s utilization of or participation in any non-District transportation, whether furnished by us, another parent or otherwise.
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