Private Lesson Request - Fall 2020
Please Note: This form is only a REQUEST for Private Lessons. All lessons are based on instructor/studio availability. Students must be registered in the rec or competition class of the genre requested.
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What genre of dance/movement Private Lessons is the student interested in? *
Private Lessons are only available to students who are currently taking a class in the same genre.
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Would this be your first semester of Private Lessons? *
Private Instruction can only be selected by students who have been receiving instruction from AOM for at least 1 semester. The first semester of private lessons will concentrate on technique, skill and showmanship and will not culminate in a recital performance. The second semester of private lessons may culminate in a recital performance if requested.
I have read the AOM Private Instruction General Information from the website and clearly understand the Tuition rates and expectations for Private Lessons. *
Private Instruction is offered in a 12-week package only. Tuition must be PAID IN FULL at time of scheduling. No discounts are available on Private Instruction.
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