Travel With The Professional Hobo!
I am looking at partnering up with Intrepid Travel to offer a customized trip for readers of The Professional Hobo!
It will include an exploration of our destination together, along with potentially some workshops, coaching, mastermind groups, and other fun things related to travel, lifestyle and beyond.

What I offer will depend on YOU!

This quick survey will help me figure out the best trip, format, location, and timing of a Professional Hobo group travel experience.

Answering this survey is NOT a commitment! But I will create a trip based on responses to this survey, so if you ultimately have no intention of ever signing up, please close this window.

Thank you!
Where in the world would you like to go with me?
What kind of trip(s) would you be most likely to sign up for?
What time of year works best for you?
Will you come on your own, or with others?
What's the maximum number of people in the group you'd feel comfortable with?
Aside from scheduled tour activities, what (if any) extras would you like me to offer?
How busy do you want to be?
Are you a digital nomad?
How long do you want the trip to be?
What's your maximum budget? (airfare NOT included)
How much lead time do you need to plan a trip like this?
Where do you live?
Do you have any restrictions I should know about?
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What's the main reason you'd like to do a trip with The Professional Hobo?
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Anything else you'd like to say?
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Email (optional)
This survey is anonymous. However if you leave your email address here, we can stay in touch regarding the trip and how it evolves. You'll get special first access to sign up for the trip, and (if I can swing it, no promises), a special discount too! I promise not to share your email address or personal information with ANYBODY.
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