FREE Chiropractic Health Talk & Workplace Exercises brought to you by Asia One Chiropractic.
[By Invite only] Asia One Chiropractic presenting - The Chiropractic Healthtalk that you need.
The total Duration(including 30 mins' Health Talk) will take approximately 1 to 2 hours depending on the screening process of the total number of attendees.
I acknowledge to receive all the complimentary perks as per stated in the email received from Asia One Chiropractic Pte Ltd, to conduct a Complimentary Health Talk at the comfort of my workplace:
I would be receiving all following complimentary perks:
1. Corporate Health Talk by Dr Neil (30 mins) (May extend due to Q&A)

2. Workplace Spinal Stretches

3. Spinal Screening + Printed Report (1-2 mins/pax)

4. Report Analysis + Doctors' Evaluation (3-5 mins/pax)
5. [Optional]: Lunch Bentos for all attendees? *
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