Ham Radio Village (HRV) DEF CON 30® CFP
We are looking for presentations, demonstrations, experiments, discussions, and anything else related to amateur radio that you would like to share with the world at DEF CON 30!

If you have something that you've been wanting to share about amateur radio, now is the time! Even if you think your topic is "weird", someone at DEF CON will take interest in it!

Presentation slots are typically 30 minutes or one hour in total, therefore including a Q&A that typically follows and may take 5-10 minutes based on the number of questions following an presentation. If you have a topic that warrants additional time, let us know in the form and we'll get back to you.

All those who contribute to the Ham Radio Village are entitled to a benefactor membership within the HRV, which waves membership dues into our happy little ham radio club.

Once your submittal is accepted, we'll share additional information with you/may request additional details should they be needed.

Badges are available for those who present/request one, but are on a first come-first serve basis based on time of submittal for your presentation due to the limited amount we get to distribute across village staff/VEs/presenters

If you have any questions/concerns, contact one of the village officers on the HRV Discord server: discord.gg/hrv or email hrv@n8fcc.com
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