2021 Coach Glass Mentorship Application
Please note that by filling out the application you are not guaranteed a spot in the Online Mentorship Group. All applicants will be contacted via email/phone. The purpose of this application is to ensure that the Mentorship will fulfill your needs. Coach Glass custom picks the members of the Mentorship to make sure that each member has something to contribute to the group. Be sure to answer the questions below as honestly (and detailed) as possible so that we can best prepare our content and structure to help you and other mentorees achieve your goals. After several years of dramatically improving the lives and businesses of countless mentorees we have a very detailed process for ensuring your success, filling out this application is the first step. Good luck!
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What is your profession? What kind of certifications or qualifications do you currently have? *
What would you like to get out of the Mentorship? What attracted you to the event? *
Please rate which topics you are most interested in learning about at the Mentorship? Please check the 3 topics that you are most interested in! (I know they all sound great but just check 3)
The Online Mentorship will requires access to Zoom Video Communication. Are you able to participate using Zoom with your computer's video and audio?
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The Online Mentorship will require you to submit assignments throughout the Mentorship process. Assignments will be assigned via our online lesson platform and emails. Do you agree to commit and complete the Mentorship assignments in this fashion?
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You will have to commit 2-3 hours for each LIVE portion of the course and time to complete assignments in between each LIVE event. Are you able to make this commitment to yourself and the group? *
The Online Mentorship involves you participating and sharing your process with the other selected individuals in your Mentorship class. Are you open to sharing your story, business details and process with the other members of the Mentorship for the sake of helping you and your business grow? *
What are some of your goals for 2021? Have you been able to check off any big projects in the past year?
What are your 3 and 5 year goals? If you don't have any please share what holds you back from making long term goals. *
Why do you feel you would be a good fit for the Mentorship Event?
The mentorship is an investment in yourself and your business. Previous attendees describe the value gained in their business and life as 10X what they paid to be a part of the Mentorship. The Mentorship costs $1597, and for the first time we are also giving participants the opportunity to pay in multiple payments. All existing LoadXplode or High-Triplexity members will also receive a discount. *
Do you have any questions about the Mentorship Event?
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