Another Story - alpha demo (v.2018.04.26)
Thank you very much for trying the alpha demo of Another Story - an otome's path. Please find a few questions (5 min) about your experience. It will give us precious insights which may help to improve the complete game.
How did you enjoy the demo? *
Was it difficult to learn "how to play"? *
Which was your 1st route? *
Did you try other choices/routes? *
Most appreciated character(s)? (Girls edition) *
Kyoko - the true protagonist
Hana - our avatar
Mana - the non human girl
Natsume - the best friend
Most appreciated character(s)? (Boys edition) *
Kou - the best friend
Shinji - long purple hair guy
Haru - big bro / onii chan
Hiromi - the youngest
Akio - big boss green hair
Tetsuya/"Suou" - Internet acquaintance
Mysterious guy - at the end of the demo
During the play, were you bothered by plot issues/inconsistencies? If so, please add some details
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Will you wait for the complete game? *
Which scenario/route are you expecting the most?
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