Rent to Own : Affordable Artist Housing
Please share your thoughts to help us solve the problem of artists always renting and getting pushed out by gentrification.
I recently heard about an new artist housing project. The owners think that NO artists or creatives want to own their spaces, only rent them. Is this true? Please help me understand.
If you currently rent, what are your reasons for not buying? (select as many as you want)
If you could rent to own the place you are currently in or a place similar to it, but it would cost you 25% more each month, would you do it? (EX: Your rent now is $1000, but your rent to own would be $1250)
When you see developers come into your once cheap neighborhood, what do you think?
What kind of debt do you have?
What is your income like?
Do you ever sublet or airbnb your apartment (we won't tell, promise)
What else should be on this survey? What is missing?
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What city, state, and neighborhood do you live in?
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Name (totally optional, and we promise to keep it to ourselves)
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Email (to learn more about rent to own artist housing in your area. NO SPAM or SHARING THIS. PROMISE.)
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