Trilio Data Environmental Discovery
OpenStack Configuration
Name / Title / Contact Info (email / phone)
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What OpenStack version are you using?
What is your OpenStack Distribution?
How much Production Data is in-scope?
How many OpenStack Tenants?
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How many OpenStack compute nodes?
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How many Virtual Machines Instances are in-scope?
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List Applications in OpenStack Cloud requiring Data Protection?
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What Operating Systems are Applications running on?
What Hypervisor are you running?
Do you use Dev/Ops tools to deploy Hypervisors (i.e. Ansible, Chef, etc), if so which ones?
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What is the Cinder Storage platform?
Desired Trilio Data backup location?
Currently, How long do backups take on the data in-scope?
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Currently, How long do restores take on the data in-scope?
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How often/frequently do you restore data?
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Who will be executing backups and recoveries?
What is the business Recovery Point Objective (RPO)?
What is the business Recovery Time Objective (RTO)?
What is the targeted Data Retention?
What are the use case(s) for these Backup sets?
Do you have any encrypted OpenStack production data?
Do your backups need to be Encrypted?
Environment Confirmation - We will ask for this file for compatibility reasons
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