ECHS School Mark Branding Survey 2019-20
Please complete the survey as thoroughly and honestly as possible. Your feedback is critical.
What is your role at ECHS? *
How long have you been in your role in WCCUSD? *
If someone were to ask you "what it means" to be a Gaucho, what would you say? *
What would you say is the main "differentiator" between ECHS and surrounding schools? *
If you were tasked with persuading someone to enroll in your school, what would you say? *
In a word, describe the culture that exists at your school right now. *
If you were to choose a word that you wish described your school's culture, what would you choose? *
What is one tradition that you are most proud of at your school? *
If you could pick 3 words to describe your school, which 3 words would you choose? *
If you had to describe your school as you would describe a PERSON, which 3 words would you use? *
What are the 3 most VISUAL elements of your school (mascot, colors, logos, etc.) *
What are the 3 most important AUDIBLE elements of our school (mascot, colors, logos, etc.) *
What are the 3 most important annual EVENTS at your school? (ex. Homecoming, prom, graduation, sporting events, assemblies, etc.) *
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