2017 Endometriosis Walk Feedback
Bloomin' Uterus Endometriosis Awareness Walk Questionnaire
Was the Online Registration process signing up for the walk clear and easy? If not, please offer some suggestions on how to remedy the difficulties.
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Was the communication from Bloomin' Uterus prior to the walk clear, concise, and useful? Or was it confusing? Burdensome? Too frequent?
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Was the location easy to locate on GPS or map programs?
Once on the Island, did the signs help point you in the right direction to check-in?
Was parking difficult?
Was the check-in process smooth and easy? If not, please offer any suggestions you may have to improve the process.
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Were you bored while waiting for the Walk to begin? If so, please offer suggestions to occupy that time.
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Were the route, restrooms, and restaurants adequately described prior to the Walk commencing?
Were you bored after the walk while waiting for fellow walkers to finish? If so, please offer suggestions to occupy that time.
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Would you prefer a Group Photo be taken prior to the Walk beginning or once all of the walkers have finished?
The Shelter Island route was approximately 2 miles total. Was that too short, too long, or just right?
What location(s) would you like to see future Walks take place? These can be names of specific places or even just general ideas (i.e., parks, lakes, malls, etc.)
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At future walks, would you enjoy the opportunity to speak to the crowd or listen to others share their Endometriosis journeys?
If you would like a Bloomin' Uterus t-shirt, please let me know here and if we reach the minimum order number, I will re-open the t-shirt sales campaign on Teespring!
Do you have any suggestions to make future walks better? Be honest...you really can't hurt my feelings <3
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And most importantly, do you have any other feedback you'd like to leave? Did you enjoy yourself? What did you gain from the day?
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