Questionnaire for Creta Maris Hotel Beach
This questionnaire concerns ONLY the beach with the code number GRCR201706 and name “Creta Maris Hotel Beach”. Please answer this questionnaire ONLY if you have visited that beach or you are at that beach.

Thanking you in advance!!!


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1. Age *
2. Gender *
3. Country of Origin *
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4. Your level of education *
5. How important is the existence of environmental certification of the hotel beach for the choice of hotel (existence of environmental protection system)? *
If your answer to the previous question was: Important of very important please answer and the following question.Which is the (acceptable) price difference you would agree to pay in comparison to a hotel without certified beach ?
6. Are the services provided by the beach sufficient to you? *
Not satisfactory at all
Not very satisfactory
Very satisfactory
Existence of a lifeguard.
Safety for sunbathing and swimming.
Waste management (rubbish bins etc).
Quality certificates of the beach.
Quality of the infrastructures, WC, showers etc.
Quantity of the infrastructures, WC, showers etc.
Quality of the services provided.
Cleanliness of the beach.
Cleanliness of the waters near the beach
Environmental information about the Fauna and Flora.
Wi-Fi at the beach
Existence of infrastructures for people with special needs.
7. How important is for you, the certification of this beach as Costa Nostrum Sustainable Beach? *
8. Would you appreciate an improvement of the services offered on that particular organized beach (environmental protection, better waste management, security, etc.)? *
9. Which of the improvements of the beach do you think that could justify a small price for its use? (More than one answers)
If NO what is the main reason for this
If YES, what would be the acceptable price per person?
How would you like to pay this price?
10. How many hours do you spent on the beach?
11. Would you recommend the beach to a friend – choose ONLY one answer? *
0 = completely unlikely that this may happen - 5 = neutral - 10 = very possible to recommend it
12. Taking into account the beauty of the beach, the services provided at the beach, the infrastructures and all the characteristics of the beach please rate the beach from 1 to 10 – choose ONLY one answer. *
1 = Very bad Sustainable beach - 10 = Very good - perfect Sustainable beach
13. Would you like to give us your e-mail address for future information?
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Thank you very much for your time and your help
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