Parent & Carer- Learning Hub Questionnaire
Ipswich Academy are offering a Parent Learning Hub to enable parents and carers the chance to gain an insight into the delicate topics being covered with students around Health and Well-being, Relationships, Sex Education and Safety. The sessions will also be designed to help parents and carers gain confidence in approaching such topics comfortably with their children at home.

Please complete the questions below to help us develop the Parent Learning Hub effectively.

Thank you for taking time to give us your thoughts.
1) Would you be interested in attending any Parent Learning Hub session at Ipswich Academy to gain insight into the topics being covered around health and well-being, relationship and sex education and safety? *
2) We will be offering this as an evening session, with the possibility of there being extra daytime sessions if these are required. Please indicate below your preferred timing for the session to run. *
3) Would you prefer the sessions to be for parents and carers only or to jointly involve your child? *
4) Are there any topics you feel we should cover with you and/or the students as a matter of urgency? *
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5) How would you like these sessions to run? *
6) Is there any further comments, concerns or ideas you would like us to consider in the development of these sessions? *
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