Children’s BHAGAVAD GITA CAMP 2019 (Ages 5 -14)
July 29th - August 2nd (week 1) and August 5th - August 9th (week 2)
Time: 10 AM to 5 PM

We will be accepting students on a first come first first serve basis. The total capacity of the camp is about 60, so please register soon. Registration fee to be paid at the time of registration. REGISTRATION IS NOT COMPLETE UNTIL THE FEES ARE PAID. Method of payment: Chase Quick pay ( or check by mail.

Registration cut-off: 1 week before start date or when we reach 60 students.

REGISTRATION FEES: $250.00/ 2 weeks (non-refundable). Second sibling gets 10% discount
Note: FEE IS $265 AFTER JULY 1ST; Refund requests after July 9th will not be considered.

Once you register and if paying by checks, please make them payable to ISKCON and mail to address mentioned below. For questions please call Premananda dd at 630-886-4619 (C) or Email:

Dress code: Kindly send your children (both boys and girls) decently dressed. No mini skirts, tank tops etc., or clothes which encourage unnecessary exposure. Kindly call for any questions to clarify your concerns if any.

Meals and snacks will be served in the following schedule: Meals and snacks that we serve during the Gita camp are all prepared at our temple and first offered to Krishna. 11am: snack/juice, 1pm Lunch, 4:30pm: Snacks.

If for health reason you need to send food from home please first consult with us. We recommend only home cooked vegetarian food. Outside food can be brought only under special circumstances. Please seek special permission.

The Gita camp will be held at the following address at the dates and time specified:

ISKCON Temple of Greater Chicago,
1505 McDowell Road,
Naperville,IL 60563

*Note: If you require to drop off your child before 10AM, the babysitting fee is $10 / hr.
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