FLAME Festival 2017 Vendor Application
Welcome! We are excited to know you're interested in vending at FLAME Festival 2017.

PLEASE READ the requirements listed below. They are different from previous years, and super important!

1 - Submit this application with all required information provided by January 1st, 2017.

2 - Once you are accepted, submit a $125 vendor fee for every 10'x10' footprint your store will use.

Note: This does *not* include space taken up for camping/kitchen purposes. Vendor fees are based only on your front-facing store size. If you have 20'x10' for your storefront, and another 10'x10' behind the storefront for kitchen space, you only need to pay two vendor fees.

3 - Each paid vendor fee comes with one ticket for attending the event.

4 - Each additional attendee ticket is available to vendors for $75 each. You must send an email to info@flamefestival.com to receive a coupon code in order to purchase tickets with the fixed price.

5 - Vendors are required to contribute $100 (retail value) of merchandise for the FLAME Volunteer raffle.

6 - Vendors may contribute an additional $75 (retail value) of merchandise for the raffle as a way of paying for one attendee ticket. This can be used to acquire up to an extra two tickets.

To clarify this new model, here are two examples: If you have one 10'x10' pop-up for your booth, and one person working at the booth, you will only need one vendor fee since that includes one ticket to the event. If you have 30'x10' and five people working at the booth, you will need three vendor fees plus two additional tickets.

These requirements will help us secure your vendor spot at FLAME Festival. You will be announced alongside the other vendors on our event page and online material, and you'll get in on a few vendor specific surprises as well.

Applications are due by January 1st. An email will be sent out shortly after vendor applications close to announce whether you are accepted or not. We look forward to hearing from you! Submit the application below and we will get back to you soon.

If you have any questions about this application, or about FLAME Festival, please send an email to info@flamefestival.com and we will get back to you ASAP.

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Facebook, Instagram, and other social media URLs (so we can say hi!)
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How much space do you need for your storefront?
This is only for your storefront. Do not include extra space set up for kitchen or living space.
How many people (including you) will be working at your booth throughout the weekend?
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If you need additional tickets beyond what you'd get from paying your vendor fee, are you interested in contributing $75 of extra merchandise to the volunteer raffle in exchange for one ticket?
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