PatP Cell Signing Prestige Perk - Sign Up
ONLY submit your username if you are prestige. If you are NOT prestige and submit your username, it will be ignored.
When you submit your username, the signing WILL NOT happen instantly, as I will be doing all of these manually.
It may take some time to get to your username, but I assure you it will be done. :D
What is your Minecraft IGN (In-Game Name)? *
What prestige are you at currently? *
Which of your cells would you like the sign to be at? *
This is for Emerald users that most likely have 2 cells. If you DO NOT have a second cell, or would like it placed at your first cell, simply select "Cell #1".
Would you like the signature in a specific place? *
Would you like me (PatP) to sign your cell in a specific place? Otherwise, I will just sign above the doorway. If you DO want it to be signed in a specific place, please place an EMPTY SIGN with something along the lines of "Sign Here" and I will replace that sign with a signature sign.
If yes to previous question; read this description. *
By clicking "Understood" you are stating that you understand you have to place a placeholder sign down for me to replace with my sign. Please either do not submit until you have placed the sign or if you plan on doing it right after submission. If you did NOT want specific sign placement, simply select "No Specific Sign Placement".
Never submit passwords through Google Forms.
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