One Planet - One Ocean: Translate!
Dear Colleagues and Friends,

ONE PLANET - ONE OCEAN: From Science to Solutions ( is our Massive Open Online Course to be broadcast soon. The course will bring ocean knowledge to a global audience, and involve them in ocean issues.

Our course is in English, but we want everyone - especially in the German-speaking world - to access the course, and this is why I am approaching you. Please support us by contributing a bit of your time to translating a chapter or two. Get a sneak preview into the course and learn as you help to get the message out to a wide audience.

How to do this? Follow the link at the bottom of this page - we will invite you to our online platform where you can view the lecture, the english text and enter the German translation. In the final product your text can be chosen to scroll beside the screen.

Pass this mail on to fellow scientists and students. I hope that together we can reach a truly global audience.

THANKS, on behalf of the MOOC team, and best wishes from Kiel


Prof. Dr. Martin Visbeck
Physical Oceanography
GEOMAR Helmholtz-Centre for Ocean Research Kiel
and Kiel University,
Speaker of Kiel Excellence Cluster "The Future Ocean"
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