Exhibitor Survey for 2017 Twin Cities Book Festival
Dear Festival Exhibitor,

The 17th Annual Twin Cities Book Festival, sponsored by Rain Taxi Review of Books, was in many ways our best yet, and the variety and excellence of exhibits in the book fair created the lively atmosphere that we hoped to foster. Thank you for joining with us on this unique day!

As we try to improve the Festival every year, we look to you for feedback. Please take a moment to respond to the brief survey below -- your responses will be kept confidential, but the overall data will help us improve the Festival experience for both exhibitors and attendees, and secure the necessary funders, advertising venues, and sponsors for next year. Feel free to make your answers as short or as long as you’d like.

Thanks for your participation!


Eric Lorberer

ADVANCE COMMUNICATIONS: We sent several emails prior to the Festival that included logistics and setup details. Did you have the information you needed to prepare? Is there anything about exhibitor registration or logistics you would recommend be changed?
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SETUP: Were you greeted and helped by Festival staff or volunteers during your setup? Do you have any suggestions to make the physical setup process easier?
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OUTREACH: We advertised this year's Festival widely, and the event received many publicity mentions as well. Did you hear/see any promotions of the Festival at these venues (mark all that apply):
If you did any outreach about your participation in the Festival via your own website, newsletter, flyer, etc., please send a copy or link to bookfest@raintaxi.com, thanks!
WI-FI: We know the fairground’s wi-fi system is sub-par, and we’re trying to figure out how to make it work as best as possible for those who need it. If you purchased Wi-Fi access, was it effective throughout the day? If you didn’t, what other methods did you use to access the internet or process credit cards, and were they effective?
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IMPACT: One of the goals of the Festival's book fair is to allow vendors the opportunity to market their work, sell their products, and engage directly with the public. Please give us some numerical feedback here, as this data helps us when we approach funders, which in turn generates the income to advertise the event and keep your table fees low: 1) approximate sales (dollar figure or number of items); 2) other interactions (giveaways, contest entrants, names collected, etc.)
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Were there any other, non-quantifiable, benefits of exhibiting at the Festival for you?
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ATTENDANCE: For those who have participated before, did you think the book fair was more crowded, less crowded, or about the same?
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Any other comments are welcome, of course. Thanks again for your participation!
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