2023 Stranger Than Fiction Auditions
Please complete this form to be considered during the 2023 STF audition process on June 3rd
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IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ: Commitment is one rehearsal per week and generally one to two shows a month during the summer. Incoming cast is offered SUMMER residency only. Decisions upon full membership will be made at the end of the summer season. The objective of this organization is to encourage participation in improvisational theater arts in the state of New Hampshire by providing opportunities for performance and education. Touring shows and teaching appearances are paid, residency shows are not. We explicitly do this for the love of improv, not the money. *
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Tuesdays have been the rehearsal day of choice during the summer, but that is subject to change. List any weekday evenings or weekend days that are off-limits to you for rehearsal and performance. *
We currently are booked at NHTP in Portsmouth, NH on Saturday 6/24 for a show. Are you available to perform on this date?
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BONUS POINTS: You've received a windfall of money and decide to purchase a luxury yacht, what do you name your boat?
BONUS POINTS: A genie grants you a wish to have an infinite amount of one item. Which one thing would you choose to have an endless supply of?
BONUS POINTS: What is your favorite random fact or tidbit?
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