"Feedback Form for Alumni"
This feedback form consists of rating questions on the scale of 5. Please tick the option that best suits your answer. We would like you to answer these questions as openly and freely as you can to help us develop YMCAUST, Faridabad as a much more conducive place for study and overall development. These responses will be kept confidential.
Rating questions: Scale for rating 0-> Not applicable / Do not know 1-> Needs Improvement 2-> Average 3-> Good 4-> Very Good 5-> Excellent *
Fee Structure
Lab Facilities in Derpartment
Cooperation and support received by the office members
updated curriculum
Academic ambience at YMCA
Project guidance
Trainging & placement support
Library facilities
Canteen facilitites
Hostel facilities
Computer faciltities
Internet & Wi-Fi
Sports facilities
Cultural Acitivites
Medical Facilities
Grievance redressal mechanism
Alimni association / Network of old friends
Overall rating of the University
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