Membership Cancellation Form
Concerned that you’re not getting the best value for how often you come to class? You may not need to cancel – we’re always open to chatting about your pass/membership options and can help you make a shift if it will better serve your schedule and maintain your practice. Chat with us in the studio or email

We are sorry to see you go. To ensure a smooth cancellation process, please fill this form out as completely as you can 10 business days before your auto-payment comes out.
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I acknowledge that as per my contract, I am giving 10 days notice prior to my auto-renew payment. If notice is given with fewer than 10 days an auto-renew payment may be processed and no refund can be given. I acknowledge that by cancelling my membership I am no longer eligable for studio perks including but not limited to discounts or new member passes. *
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