Academic Honor Code
Princeton High School
“Live to Learn and Learn to Live”
Academic Honor Code

Princeton High School strives to epitomize the phrase etched in stone above the archway, “Live to Learn and Learn to Live.” The pursuit of knowledge is the mission of the school and responsibility of each individual student. The faculty endeavors to guide the academic growth, while the parents and greater community provide support. To maintain this focus on learning and the tradition of academic excellence at Princeton High School, the students, faculty, parents, and community must stand in unison demonstrating high regard for learning and the personal academic integrity required for intellectual growth. This culture of learning can only flourish upon a solid foundation of personal and academic integrity, made up of honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility.

Simply stated, Princeton High School students pledge to uphold the values of academic integrity with each submission of student work.

“I pledge that the work I submit is my own work. I have neither given nor received any unauthorized aid or unfair advantage.”

I will acknowledge reading this form and accepting the Academic Honor Code pledge as a student of Princeton High School below.

Examples of Honor Code Violations

The following examples are provided to clarify for student, teachers, and the school community, actions that are considered violations of the honor code. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but examples of common infractions.

- Copying homework from a classmate
- Seeking an unfair advantage by asking fellow students, “What is on the test?”
- Chronic absenteeism on day of the quiz/test
- Cheating on tests through various forms such as looking at someone else’s paper or using unauthorized sources
- Plagiarism

Proactive Measures to Ensure Academic Integrity at PHS

Princeton High School will be proactive in sustaining a culture of learning and promoting academic integrity. The following are actions to educate the school community about the Honor Code. In addition, listed are actions by individual groups to demonstrate their responsibility in supporting the Honor Code.

- Princeton High School will include a review of the PHS Academic Honor Code during the 9th grade and new student orientation at the start of each school year.
- The Academic Honor Code will be posted on the school’s website, included in the Student Handbook, PTO newsletter, and other official school documents.
- The Honor Code will be reviewed at the beginning of each new marking period during the school year.
- Students and parents will sign the Pledge at the start of each school year.
- Teachers will consider the demands on student time and only assign the homework necessary to meet the lessons’ objectives.
- Students, with parental guidance, will make careful course selections so as to not have an exceedingly heavy course load and/or excessive co-curricular commitments.
- Parents will support their child’s learning by emphasizing the value of academic integrity.

Consequence of Honor Code Infractions

Students who engage in any form of academic dishonesty will be subject to sanctions. Each incident will be reviewed by the teacher and an administrator (assistant principal and/or department supervisor). A score of “0” may be the result on any test, project, paper, or assignment in which a student violates the honor code.
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