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Ladies Who Strategize is a community for female identifying and non-binary strategists.

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LWS Mission Statement
Alone, women struggle.
We all do. 
We all need a community to succeed: to find opportunities, get support and steerage, and to collectively celebrate our wins.

Universally, industry networks create a path to opportunities and foster career growth. More often than not, these formal and informal groups are set up by and unequally stacked towards men. For women, progression becomes harder without access or inclusion to those crucial networks.

Our solution is to nourish and help to grow friendships for female and non-binary strategists.
We aim to warm up lives and lift up each other’s careers.

We do this by creating moments to genuinely connect. These moments happen with membership to a supportive community: a thriving slack group, gatherings that encourage real friendships, and opportunities to share expertise and experiences.

LWS Values: What to expect from us
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Do you work as a strategist? Is strategy at least 80% of what you do on a daily basis as your profession? Are you no longer in school and have worked in strategy for a couple years? If not, this may not be the right slack group for you- but don't fret! Instead, check out www.ladiesgetpaid.com where you'll find a slack community of badass women from all professions. **And, if you're looking to get into strategy or you're an intern/student, check out We Are Next** *
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Our group promotes sharing knowledge, helping others, and making new strategy pals. It is not meant for excessive self promotion, hate, or bullies. In short, if you get an invite, do not be a dick. If you display any of these qualities towards any member, you'll be booted. Capeesh? Curious about who runs the group? It's a freelance brand strategist and sometimes CSO, Kim Mackenzie. Check out www.kmstrategy.co *be aware: there is an applications backlog, if you don't hear back from us in 3 months, reach out.* *
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