Addiction-Prevention, LLC & Kaii Marie, LLC Training Scholarship Fund
Shevel Mavins, Founder and CEO of Addiction-Prevention and Kaii Marie, LLC are committed to providing educational training's related to elder care and racial trauma. These training's are offered several times a year. To ensure access to these educational training's Shevel and Kaii have established a Training Scholarship Fund .
At least one recipient will be selected for reach training. Receiving the scholarship covers the full expense of the training. Please see below to learn the qualifications and how to apply.
Elder Care Training's
Addiction-Prevention and Kaii Marie LLC provide training on elder care. These training's are tailored for care takers, nurses, certified nursing assistants and assisted living and long term care administrators.

The Purpose of Elder Care Training:

As the baby-boomers age their families are met with the challenge of finding safe, decent and sanitary housing. For many this is a very stressful, and confusing time. The training's provide families with the information the need when transitioning their loved one to a senior residential community, assisted living or long term care facility. Families are equipped with information as to how to advocate for their loved one and ensure they are receiving quality care from health care staff.

In addition, to information for care takers Elder Care Training also provides important information for health care professionals who take care of our elderly community. Training topics include but are not limited to: helping elder residents cope with transition, alcohol, medications, and mental health conditions in older adults. Assisted Living and Long Term Care facilities will receive information on how to create assessment programs for your organization and how to ensure your staff has the necessary information to provide quality service to residents.

Addiction-Prevention and Kaii Marie training's always highlight the importance of wellness. It is important for attendees to know the technical part of care. However, Addiction-Prevention and Kaii Marie believe the best type of care holistic health. Addiction-Prevention and Kaii Marie provide the benefits of yoga and meditation in providing quality care for our older population.

Qualifications for Elder Care Training
* Serve as a care taker and/or
* Registered Nurse
* Licensed Practical Nurse
* Director of Nursing
* Assisted Living Administrator
* Long Term Care Administrator
* Ombudsman staff
* Representative of a Non Profit Organization that serves the older adult population
* Representative of a state agency that serves the older adult population
* Financial Hardship

Racial Trauma Training's
Addiction-Prevention an Kaii Marie training's on racial trauma. These training's are tailored for professional's who service the African American and people of color communities.

The Purpose of Racial Trauma Training:

The inequalities based on race is evident in our health care, education and criminal justice system. As well as economics and labor. In order to begin to address these issues we must first define what is racism, explain how it works and how it impacts the lives of African Americans and people of color.

Research has shown the result of continuous racial violence and racial discrimination has led to many African Americans experiencing racial trauma. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) CEO Daniel H. Gillison, Jr. stated, “The effect of racism and racial trauma on mental health is real and cannot be ignored. The disparity in access to mental health care in communities of color cannot be ignored. The inequality and lack of cultural competency in mental health treatment cannot be ignored.”

The aim of our training's are to highlight racial trauma and educate staff in the mental health field on how they can begin to address this issue.
Qualifications for Racial Trauma Training
* Serve the African American and People of Color Community
* Mental Health Professionals
* Licensed Practical Nurse
* Population affected by racial trauma
* Financial Hardship

Application Questions
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