April 16-17, 2021 - Presbytery Gathering
This registration is for in-person and virtual gathering on April 16-17 in Greenville, SC. Please complete this form for EACH participant by APRIL 13. Questions about the meeting can be addressed to southcarolinaclerk@ecopresbytery.org. Each in-person participant will also be asked to submit a $20 registration to our host church – mail-in OR use online option: https://my.firstpresgreenville.org/Registration?RegistrationInstanceId=277&EventOccurrenceID=524.
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In-Person or Virtual? *
If undecided, please check what is most likely and PLEASE send updates to southcarolinaclerk@ecopresbytery.org if anything changes. Mail payment in or pay online at https://my.firstpresgreenville.org/Registration?RegistrationInstanceId=277&EventOccurrenceID=524
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Please provide address to receive updates/notifications/items for meeting.
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Commissioner or Observer? *
For our meeting agenda, "commissioners" are ordained ministers or elders and can vote on presbytery agenda items. "Observers" are welcome, but will not be allowed to vote on agenda items. By rule, each church is allowed ONE commissioner/elder for reach installed pastor. These should be decided by each church's session before registering.
Congregation *
Which congregation are you representing? If none or unaffiliated, choose [Unaffilated]; PMOT candidates (for ordination), choose "PMOT candidate"]
Meals (Friday PM + Saturday AM) *
If "yes", this assumes you are attending in-person as well. Food allergies - see next question. If you need to communicate anything else about the meal, use the comments option at the end of this form. The meal is included with the $20 registration fee for the meeting (pay onsite with cash/check).
Do you have any food restrictions? (i.e. allergies)
Please let us know anything about yourself that would help us greet and serve you. If you're new to our Presbytery or this meeting, tell us a bit about who you are!
What topics or speakers would you like to see addressed at a future Presbytery Gathering?
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