Edison Classroom Kit Booking for Regina and Area
In order to book a classroom kit you will need to have participated in a professional development session linked to that kit. At the session you will receive an access code that is required as part of the booking process. If you have lost the access code, please contact the SaskCode team at 306-523-3071 or email alexnau.saskcode@gmail.com.
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Kits booked by teachers will use inter-school mail for delivery. It is optional to pick up the kits from the storage facility at the Regina Public Board Office. Please indicate your school division and delivery method below.
Booking Request
Kits are booked for a three-week window with time added for extended school breaks. Kits will be sent out for delivery/pickup on the first day of the booking cycle. The kit needs to be returned/put into school mail on a specified date before the final day of the window. You can only request one kit at a time, per booking request.
When would you like to book your kit?
Please select your preferred booking window, along with a backup, if you'd like.
September 30 - October 16
October 21 - November 6
November 11 - November 27
December 2 - December 18
January 6 - January 22
January 27 - February 12
February 24 - March 12
March 17 - April 2
April 14 - April 30
May 5 - May 21
May 26 - June 11
Leave a comment about your booking request
Let us know about any other requests you might have here (Cree or French Immersion resources, etc.). We will accommodate requests as is possible.
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