Midwest Teen SOYO Survey 2017
The Diocese of Toledo and the Midwest SOYO Board is requesting, by the blessing of His Grace Bishop Anthony, that all parish priests complete this survey to better assist the upcoming Midwest Teen SOYO Board. All responses will be be kept confidential and we encourage detailed responses so that we may expand the Archdiocesan Youth Movement through out the Diocese of Toledo.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Diocesan Spiritual Advisor, Fr.Michael Sakran, frmichael@stjohnfortwayne.org, or Diocesan Youth Director, Amal Michael, amal17m@yahoo.com.

Thank you for your time, and God Bless!

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Parish Name *
How aware are you of the Youth Movement in our Diocese? *
How many teens (ages 12-18) would you say are in your parish? *
Does your parish have an active SOYO? *
What do you think the Midwest SOYO Board can do better for next year? *
In your opinion, is email the most effective way to communicate with you?
If your parish has a SOYO, how active were they this past year?
Are you aware of SOYO's Archdiocesan programs? (i.e. SOYO Youth Month, Good Friday Vigil, SOYO Special Olympics, SOYO Day of Service) *
Would you like help in starting a SOYO, or ways to grow it in your parish? *
Did your parish participate in SOYO's program's listed above?
Optional Response: Do you have any suggestions/questions or concerns?
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