TGFS Parent Survey
As a Governing Body we are always keen to hear your views on Tylers Green First School (TGFS), both what we are doing well and where we could improve. Alongside the ongoing methods of communication we also conduct a parent survey to gather your views. This should take only 10 minutes to complete.

We hope that as many parents as possible will take part in this survey as it is really important to us that we hear your views about the school so that we can feed those views into our development plans.

We would greatly appreciate all replies by 31st March please. All surveys will be analysed and a summary of the findings will be shared with you in the June Governor newsletter.

The survey responses are anonymous we will not collect any contact details.
1. I am satisfied with TGFS as the school for my child *
To what extent to you agree or disagree with this statement
Optional Explanatory Comment Q1
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2. My child enjoys school *
Optional Explanatory Comment Q2
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3. My child is making good progress at school *
Optional Explanatory Comment Q3
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4. Behaviour in school is good *
Optional Explanatory Comment Q4
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5. My child is safe and secure at school *
Optional Explanatory Q5
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6. My child is interested in what they are learning *
Optional Explanatory Comment Q6
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7. I am kept well informed about my child's progress *
Optional Explanatory Comment Q7. How might we improve this?
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8. I am comfortable approaching the school with comments, questions or problems *
Optional Explanatory Comment Q8
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9. My child is made to feel proud of their achievements *
Optional Explanatory Comment Q9
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10. The school organisation works well *
Optional Explanatory Comment Q10
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11. I understand the role and responsibilities of the Governing Body within the school *
Optional Explanatory Comment Q11
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12. Our Governing Body is effective in undertaking their roles and responsibilities within the school *
Optional Explanatory Comment Q12
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13. The school seeks the views of parents/carers and takes account of their suggestions/concerns *
Optional Explanatory Comment Q13
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14. I am kept up-to-date with the way in which I can help my child with school work at home *
Optional Explanatory Comment Q14
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15. I am kept up-to-date with ways in which I can volunteer to help during school hours *
Optional Explanatory Comment Q15
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16. My child is encouraged to further their maturity and independence when at school *
Optional Explanatory Comment Q16
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17. A wide range of appropriate school clubs are offered *
Optional Explanatory Comment Q17
Your answer
18. Teaching Assistants play an invaluable role at TGFS *
Optional Explanatory Comment Q18
Your answer
19. RECEPTION ONLY-The induction arrangements were helpful when my child started at school
Optional Additional Explanatory Details for Q19
Your answer
20. YEARS 1 & 2 ONLY-I find the termly report card useful for understanding my child's progress
Optional Additional Explanatory Details for Q20
Your answer
21. YEARS 1 & 2 ONLY-My child's transition to Yr 1 and Yr 2 was well handled
Optional Additional Explanatory Details for Q21
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22. Which class is your child in? *
23. What is the gender of your child
24. In a single sentence please describe how you feel about the school *
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25. In a single sentence please describe what you would like to see change
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