HTHS Parking 2020-2021
Please do not apply and pay for a parking permit if you do not currently hold a valid Alabama driver's license or have a car to park in the school parking lot.
1. Parking Permit Fee ($40) and Drug Testing Fee ($15)
2. Parking Permit Fee and Drug Testing Fee (see HTHS 2020-2021 fee schedule) must be paid before any parking decals will be reserved, assigned or issued.
3. A copy of the student's valid Alabama driver's license must be uploaded to the application; no permits or invalid student driver's license will be accepted.
4. Payment can be submitted via cash/check in the HTHS Finance Office. Payment dates and times determined by the HTHS main office.
Please gather all student vehicle information and be prepared to answer application questions. Also, be prepared to upload a valid copy of the Alabama student driver's license to the application. Applications are not considered complete unless all requirements of the application are met.
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Student Grade Level for 2020-2021 *
Student drivers, ages 16-19 years of age, with ten(10) consecutive or fifteen (15) or more cumulative unexcused absences in a single school semester will be reported to the Department of Public Safety for license revocation. I have read and understand the statement listed above regarding student drivers and the revocation of their driver's license. *
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