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How frequently do you ride the bus? *
How often do yo use Bus Apps? *
Every Day
How long have you been riding the bus? *
What are your primary modes of transportation? (Choose 1-2) *
How frequently do you feel frustrated during the process of finding out when your next bus will be? *
When finding info about your bus route what is the biggest frustration you frequently run into if you do and why is it? *
How core to your bus riding experience would you consider your bus app? *
Not relevant
Very core part of my experience
What are the options you use your bus app for the most and why? *
How much would seeing a live timer on how soon the bus will be to your stop help you?
Not at All
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If the process to find your bus line/stop on your phone and the times associated was easier how much more likely would you be to use buses/bus apps?
Not at all
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If you use one what is your current favorite bus application?
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If you use a bus app what is your favorite feature about it and why?
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