Natural Resources Council of Maine (NRCM)Local Sustainability Initiative Seed Grant Application
NRCM’s Sustainable Maine project encourages individuals, communities, and the state to adopt practical, effective measures that conserve and protect our natural resources. Our overarching goal is a resilient future where people are able to work, play, and thrive in Maine. To help advance sustainable community initiatives throughout the state, we are offering seed grants for organized committees and start-up groups to help them reach their goals. Seed grant applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, and grants are not to exceed $500. Limited funding available. Grants open in April.

Projects that score higher will:
1. Tie into waste reduction, especially the reduction and elimination of single-use plastics.
2. Create lasting and systemic change. Activities will change a policy, system, or environment to encourage sustainable behavior.

We can not:
1. Fund volunteer or staff time
2. Reimburse past activities and costs
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NRCM will evaluate your application on the following criteria:
1. Relevance to NRCM’s Sustainable Maine Project; initiative must contribute to a sustainable community
2. Strength of the group’s organizing skills; demonstrated ability to carry out the project plan
3. Need for funding to reach the goals of the sustainability initiative

Preference will be given to sustainability initiatives undertaken by; a) start-up groups (less than 2 years in existence) and b) mature organizations if the initiative itself is new (less than 1 year in the making).
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For questions or to check the status of your application, please contact Sarah Lakeman, NRCM’s Sustainable Maine Project Director, at or (207) 430-0170. This application does not guarantee funding, and awardees must sign a memorandum of understanding with NRCM. We will let you know if you have been selected to receive funding within three weeks after receipt of this form.
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