North Cottonwood School Teacher Request Form
Dear Parents:

Board Policy 6152(a) states that students should be assigned to classes and/or grouped in a manner that provides the most effective learning environment for all students. When assigning students to specific classes, the principal or designee may consider the following criteria:

Staff recommendations, including, but not limited to, the recommendation of teachers and counselors
Skills and classroom management style of individual teachers
Student skill level as indicated by achievement and testing data
Balance of high, medium and low academic achievers
Student interest, readiness, behavior and motivation
Student/teacher ratios and, if relevant, class size reduction considerations

The principal or designee may accept from parents/guardians any information which would be helpful in making placement decisions. Parents/guardians should keep in mind, however, that requests for a specific teacher is only one of the many factors which may be taken into account when determining his/ her child’s placement. During the school year, the principal or designee may make any adjustments in class placement which he/she considers beneficial to the student or the educational program. Requests will only be accepted during the week of May 18, 2020 to May 22, 2020
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