Social Studies Quiz
Your last quiz of distance learning... and your last quiz of second grade! Yay!
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The _______________ is the group of people who lead a community, state, or country. *
This person leads the country.
This person leads a state.
This person leads a city or community.
People go to a _____________ when they can't agree about the law so that a judge can help them. *
The special time when we vote for our leaders is called an _________________. *
White House
The president lives and works here.
The building where people who work for congress meet.
A building or statue that shows special respect for a persn or event.
Name one symbol of our country. *
A ______________ is a person who does something brave and great. *
Match the hero with their achievement. Use your book if you need to! *
Rosa Parks
Susan B. Anthony
Chief Joseph
Cesar Chavez
She helped women be able to vote.
He fought to keep the government from unfairly taking land from his people.
She worked to change laws that were unfair to African Americans.
He worked to change laws that were unfair to farm workers.
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