Determining Shared cMs for Known Relationships
I am trying to collect a large dataset of shared cMs for KNOWN relationships, in order to quantify ranges for future analysis. Aggregated results (not emails) will be made publicly available in order to benefit all genealogists.
Known Relationship *
What is the relationship of the two individuals? (Ex. Brother/Sister, Aunt/Nephew, Maternal Grandfather, etc.). This CAN be greater than third cousins IF you have confirmed the relationship!
Total Shared cM *
How many total cMs do they share in common? (If using GEDmatch, please use the default of 7 cM)
Longest Block
What is the longest block (in cM) of DNA they share in common? This WILL NOT be available for AncestryDNA data!
Number of Shared Segments *
Please provide the number of segments shared by these two individuals (if # of segments unknown, enter N/A)
Endogamy or Known Cousin Marriages? *
Is there any endogamy or known cousin marriages that could impact the amount of shared DNA for this particular relationship?
Source *
Where did this information come from?
Feel free to note if there anything special about this relationship.
What is your email address?
Please provide your email so I can contact you with any questions.
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